I take care of your WordPress plugin, so you can focus on running your SaaS business

WordPress powers 33% of the web, which means if you run a SaaS app, you need to integrate with it.

And your WordPress customers' experience can't just be so-so, because you don't want to irritate, or worse lose, 1/3 of your customer base.

Here's where the problem lies: your in-house development team doesn't specialize in WordPress – they specialize in keeping your app running and adding new features to it, as they should.

So, your WordPress plugin gets neglected. And if you're like most SaaS companies, it's ludicrous to hire a full time WP developer.

Trouble is, an unmanaged WordPress plugin leads to increased customer service costs, breakages, and churn. And those are three pretty painful, yet entirely avoidable, outcomes for a growing SaaS company like yours.

Solution: you should hire me.

With nearly a decade of experience as a WordPress developer, I can effectively manage your plugin, advise you on growing your WordPress customer base, and give you the peace of mind that your customers are in the best hands.

I've contributed to a number of WordPress projects, as well as projects on other platforms as well. Not to mention, I've built managed, and fixed dozens of WordPress sites and plugins.

I'm currently providing WordPress plugin management for ConvertKit:

"Travis has done a great job proactively managing and developing the ConvertKit WordPress plugin. He's able to work directly with customers to troubleshoot issues, write the code to solve the problem, and then get the fix out for all our customers."

Nathan Barry

Nathan Barry, founder of ConvertKit

Take a load off.

You've got enough headaches managing your own app. The last thing you need is yet another time suck problem area you should be delegating to an expert.

Of course, you could hire a contractor on an as-needed basis to add new features or deal with issues as they come up.

But do you really want to deal with finding someone who's available each time, can respond quickly, and knows how to deal with customer support requests? Hell no you don't.

You need someone who:

There's only one of me, and I don't sacrifice quality for quantity, so space is limited.

You should hire me so your WordPress plugin is always ship-shape, you have happier customers, and lower churn. Get in touch: travis@memberup.co